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high quality feed tank for sale
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Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk feed tank, feed trailer, feed truck, fish tank truck, animal feed transportation vehicle, etc. in China since 2004s. We can design and produce the high quality feed truck and feed trailer, and also the feed tank without the truck chassis mounted on clients' truck chassis. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. Deng.

Electronic auger type transferring feeds, putting on 380 Volt three mutually alternate current, then working. Discharging is by electronic motor driven the screw mechanism with high speed, continuous working, highly improving the working productiveness.

More pictures of bulk feed tanks for sale

The feed tank is usually with 2-3compartments, loading and discharging with 2-3different kinds feeds. Simple unit structures. electric cabinet unity is at the rear part of the tank. Easy and flexible to operate and maintenance.

Average discharging speed(kg/min) 510-560
Rotation angle of auger when discharging ±180 degree
max elevation angle of auger when discharging 60 degree
Delivery distance Horizontal max range(m) 7.2
Vertical max range(m) 8.2
Residual rate No more than 0.10

Main parts of the feed tank:
250W three phrase reducing electronic motor: 1 set;
Yilai 5.5KW electronic motor: 3 sets;
Small hydraulic cylinder: 1 set;
LUX. Hydraulic 2.2KW electronic motor: 1 set;
Barrel type exterior 6.3m long electronic auger: 1 set;
Vertical exterior 1.8m long electronic auger: 1 set;
4.7m electronic auger in the tank: 1 set

The main spare parts of bulk feed tank for 2 years

Item Nos(Unit) Total Price
bearing bracket
4 300USD
Auger set 7 360USD
abrasion resistant bearing set 4 250USD
Total price: 910USD

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