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Dongfeng 18cbm roll on/roll off truck
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CLW detachable container garbage colletors is also called roll on and roll-off collector, arm-pulling garbage truck, etc.  adopts high quality Dongfeng brand, ISUZU brand, FAW brand, Foton brand, forland brand, Chang’an brand, HOWO brand, etc. And the detachable container garbage colletor volumes are from 3-4cbm, 6cbm, 8cbm, 10cbm, 12cbm, 14cbm, 16cbm, 18cbm, etc. And the biggest roll-on/roll-off garbage truck is with the volume of 18cbm dongfeng brand, that is to say 16ton.

Dongfeng 6*4 18cbm roll on/roll off garbage truck

【主要技术参数】main parameters
产品名称 product name 车厢可卸式垃圾车roll on/roll off garbage truck
总质量total mass(Kg) 24990 volume(m3) 18
额定载质量 rated mass(Kg) 16000 外形尺寸 overall dimension(mm) 8250×2490×3050
整备质量 curb mass(Kg) 8795 前悬/后悬(mm) front/rear suspension 1245/1355
驾驶室准乘人数(人) driver cab person 3 轴距(mm) wheelbase 4350+1350
接近角/离去角(°)approach/departure angle 32/10 轴数 axle nos. 3
轴荷(Kg) axle load 7000/17990(并装双轴) 最高车速(Km/h) max speed 90
【底盘技术参数】 chassis main parameters
底盘型号chassis model EQ1258 底盘名称 chassis model 载货汽车底盘 cargo truck chassis
商标名称 product brand 东风牌dongfeng brand 生产企业 manufacturer 东风汽车公司 dongfeng company
接近角/离去角 approach/departure angle(°) 32/20,32/18 轮胎规格 tyre 10.00-20*10
钢板弹簧片数 steel spring 9/13 前轮距(mm) front tread 1940
燃料种类 fuel type 柴油 diesel 后轮距(mm) rear tread 1860/1860
排放标准 emission standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005国Ⅲ National 3
发动机型号  engine model 发动机生产企业 manufacturer 排量(ml) displacement 功率(Kw) power
B210 33
Cummins 5900

Dongfeng 6*4 18cbm roll on/roll off garbage truck, adopts dongfeng 6*4 chassis, 4350+1350mm wheelbase, B210 33EGR diesel engine, 153 luxurious driver cab, Fastgear 8 speed 8JS85E transmission, 5ton front bridge/10ton double rear bridges, 10.00 tyre, 280mm double layers truck frame.

Dongfeng double rear bridges roll on and roll off garbage truck is with the volume of 18cbm. And the garbage bucket is made up of hydraulic system, operation system, etc. And the operation system is at the driver cab, finishing the garbage van loading and discharging with easy operation. And the garbage van can be lifting up and down, dumping wastes automatically. One set of lifting hydraulic device drives the garbage van and the lifting cylinder (one set) from China leading high quality two-way cylinder.  The advantages of the truck are one truck with several garbage vans, realizing one truck working with several garbage vans, transporting in cycle, highly improving the transporting ability.

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