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Hot sale 2,000L fire truck
Release time:2015-06-26 09:52 Editor:truckdf From:Chengli
2,000L fire truck is a kind a fire truck with 2,000kg loading mass, or we can call water fire truck. 2,000L fire trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. are Dongfeng Furuika 2,000L fire truck, Dongfeng XBW fire truck, JMC 2,000L fire truck, and ISUZU 2,000L fire fighting vehicle, etc.
2,000L fire fighting trucks are with the advantages as below.
1, water tank volume: 2,000L(2000kg)
2, range of fire fighting cannon: ≥40m
3, fire fighting pump model: CB10/20 model
4, rated water flow: 20L/s/1.0MPa
5, time of sucking water: :≤35s(7m sucking height)
Since 2,000L fire truck is with small cubage with prefect passing ability( the overall length is no more than 2m), especially fighting fires for the narrow countryside roads,large-middle towns, City Districts, business wholesale markets, etc. And sometimes, it can be used for watering, sprinkling, etc. One truck is with multipurpose uses.
 Let me introuduce the hot sale 2,000L fire trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below.

1, dongfeng XBW 2,000L fire fighting truck(dongfeng Furuika 2,000L fire truck), with the tank volume of 2,000L. equipped with CY4102-C3F 95hp diesel engine with the water range above 45m. Dongfeng Furuika 2,000L fire truck choose to install high quality truck mounted fire fighting pump with water ring sucking functions.

2, Dongfeng ruiling 2,000L fire truck, adopts new model of dongfeng furuika fire fighting truck, double rows chassis, Chaochai 95hp or dongfeng light duty 102hp Euro 4 diesel engine, 2,000L volume, etc.

3, JMC 2,000L fire truck, adopts JMC double rows chassis,
4 IUSUZU 2,000L fire truck, adopts ISUZU double rows fire fighting truck chassis, 3360mm wheelbase, etc.

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