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The spare parts of the fire fighting truck
Release time:2015-07-01 15:00 Editor:truckdf From:Chengli

More and more clients all over the world come to our factory to purchase the fire fighting trucks. But fewer of them cann’t tell the spare parts of the fire trucks. Different types of fire trucks are with different models of spare parts. Maybe some of them familiar to us, the others are strange ot us.

Ok, it’s doesn’t matter. Today, we will tell you the spares parts of the fire trucks by pictures.

Note: different fire vehicles are with different spare parts, and all are in line with the spare parts list of the fire trucks.

1, fire fighting axe; 2, spade; 3, repair outfits; 4, Ground wrench; 5,underground wrench; 6, Waist axe; 7,  fire fighting spade; 8, water filter; 9, Water collector

1, foam nozzel; 2, multipurpose water nozzel; 3, DC gun; 4, Different diameter interface; 5, Hose hook; 6, Hose bandage; 7, Hose support bridge; 8, sucking pipe; 9, extinguisher.

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