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Liuqi brand 6*4 10m3 concrete mixer truck for sale
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Liuqi brand 6*4 10m3 concrete mixer truck for sale 

Main parameters of hot sale liuqi brand 10m3 cement mixer truck as below 

Liuqi 5250 concrete mixer truck main parameters
Product name 10m3 concrete mixer truck Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 9400×2495×,3850(mm)
Chassis model LZ5250GJBPDHA Cargo body dimension ××(mm)
Total mass 25000(Kg) Approach/departure angle 17/21(°)
Rated mass ,11905(Kg) Front/rear suspension 1545/2605,1512/2605,1512/2888(mm)
Curb mass 12900,12965(Kg) Max speed 80(km/h)
Engine Manufacturer displacement(ml) Power (kw)
YC6MK340-33 Yuchai 9839 250
Emission standard Euro III
Axles 3 Front tread 2030/1847,1874(mm)
Wheelbase 3800+1450, Rear tread 1847,1874(mm)
Tire nos. 10 Tire specification ,11.00R20,
Fuel type Diesel Steel spring 11/13
Axle load 7000/18000(double axles ) Seated person 2
1, chassis devices: YC6MK340-33 ENGINE(full-power PTO), M51S flathead one  row and a half driver cab, FASTGEAR 9JS135 transmission,  430 pull-type clutch, Steyr 5tons front axle/STR cast steel wheel-reducing 16tons double rear axles, 5.73 speed ratio, 11 pieces front spring/13 pieces rear spring, 306(8+8)double layers truck frame, 350L oil tank, China-made steering gear box, 11.00R20 tires, mechanical full-floating, manual hydraulic mechanism, mechanical shock-absorbing seats, laminated glass, desert air filter, strengthen front-rear steel plate, double U-shape bolts, Euro cyclone dual channel inlet pipe, electronic magnetic clutch fan, oil switch, seven functional taillight, taillight baffle, water tank protection plate, wheel step ring, 1800mm length front leaf spring, front stabilizer, full truck with WABCO valves, leather + imitation mahogany steering wheel, imitation mahogany trim.
2, the upper mixer drum is with the volume of 10m3, front head with 8mm alloy steel wear-resisting material, mixer drum with 5mm alloy steel wear-resisting material. It is with air pressure water supplying device; the blade of the inner mixer drum adopts special alloy steel with 30 times longer lifetime than the common alloy steel. Reducer, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor adopts Italian imported PMP brand, China-made radiator, etc. 

More pictures of hot sale LIUQI brand 10m3 mixer drum mounted on truck as below 

liuqi brand 10m3 mixer truck for sale 

best price liuqi brand 10m3 cement mixer truck for sale 

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