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2018s best seller-dongfeng 8cbm stainless steel fresh milk t
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2018s best seller-dongfeng 8cbm stainless steel fresh milk tank truck for sale 

The characteristic of CLW brand Milk tanker truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd. as below 
(1). The milk tank is made up of three layers:outside layer(for physical protection),middle layer(thermal insulation),inner layer tank(for milk filling).
(2). The thickness of thermal insulation layer is 80mm.
(3). The tanker liner is made of high quality food grade stainless steel,and the inner tank has been fine polished.
(4). Equipped with PIC cleaning devices.With function of thermal insulation: medium temperature change≤1°C during 24 hours.
(5). The tank can be divided into several parts according to demand to load different medium.
More pictures of Dongfeng 4*2 /4*4 8cbm stainless steel milk tank truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 
customized CLW brand 8,000Liters stainless steel milk tank truck for sale 
4X2 and 4X4 DONGFENG milk tank truck technic specification

Vehicle    DONG FENG milk tank truck for sale 
Overall dimensions mm 7000x2300x2650
Milk tank L 8000
Gross Vehicle Weight kg Appro×11495
Curb weight Appro×5300
Loading weight Appro×6000
Wheel base mm 3800
Front/Rear overhang 1210/1990
Approach/departure angle ° 24/12
Max speed Km/h 90
Standard configuration 1. The milk tank structure is divided into three layers, the outer layer, the insulation layer and the inner layer of the tank.
2. Outer layer material is stainless steel plate, thickness 2mm.
3. Insulation layer, with insulation function, to prevent deterioration of milk. Insulation material is 80mm thickness polyurethane foam.
4. Inner layer is using food grade stainless steel plate,thickness 4mm, there is a cleaning device inside the milk tank.
5. Two compartment,each has a exit.
6. Within 24 hours, temperature change does not exceed 1 degree.
Chassis Parameter
Cabin Single row cabin, air conditioner, power steering, 3 passengers.
Traction system 4×2
Model : CY4102, 120hp
Type : diesel, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled.
Displacement : 3856ml
Emission standard : Euro III
Transmission 5-speed, manual
Tire 7.50R16
No.of tires 6pcs
Except milk tank truck, more trucks our company produce as follows,if neee catalogue, please contact me +86 13886878855. 

CLW stainless steel milk tanks trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. adopt high quality food grade stainless steel material. The outer layer is with insulation layer to avoid the fresh milk going bad. The inner tanker is polished by the special equipment, and making sure no milk hanging. The inner tanker is smooth, non sharp angle, etc. There is CIP (cleaning device) installed.

There are three layers of the milk semi-trailer, the inner tanker is manufactured by 3mm thick 304/2B food grade stainless steel; the middle is 100mm PU foam insulation layer, and 80mm PU foam of the manhole part, the temperature will be changed less than 1 degree within 24 hours; the exterior of the tanker is 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel mirror panel.

There is cleaning equipment inside the tank, cleaning rod (cleaning ball), cleaning pipe(with the diameter of 38mm), turntable cleaning sprayer, etc. Automatically cleaning when with water source.

Welcome more and more clients overseas to know our foodgrade stainless steel milk tank, milk delivery trucks and milk trailer. 

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