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CLW Brand 8m3 130hp garbage compactor truck for Kyrgyzstan
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CLW Brand 8m3 130hp garbage compactor truck for Kyrgyzstan

Yesterday, one unit of customized CLW brand 8m3 130hp 4*2 LHD garbage compactor truck with rear 
overturning mechanism  for 1100Liters steel wastes bins and 660Liters plastic wastes bins. 

This unit of 8m3 garbage compactor truck is the fourth order from clients from 
Kyrgyzstan. The three times, the clients choose dongfeng brand 4*2 LHD 170hp diesel 10m3 garbage compactor trucks; this time theyjust choose dongfeng 4*2 LHD 8m3 130hp diesel compacted garbage truck. 

Look at the pictures of CLW Brand garbage compactor trucks customized for 
Kyrgyzstan as below. 

customized Dongfeng 4*2 LHD 170hp 10m3 garbage compactor truck for 

customized dongfeng brand 4*2 LHD 8cbm 130hp diesel garbage compactor truck for sale 

This customized dongfeng 4*2 LHD 130hp 8m3 garbage compactor truck, adopts dongfeng duolika one row and a half driver cab, 3800mm wheelbase, 5 speed manual transmisison, 8.25R16 rail tires*6+1, yuchai 130hp(actual 129hp) Euro 3 diesel engine, power steering and air cut braking, etc. 

The volume of the compactor garbage van is 8m3,and with the wastes loading capacity of about 6tons. THe wastes van of CLW Brand compacted garbage truck adopts high quality China standard light duty steel, solid arc-shape box body of strengthen beam and steel plate weled.

Operation way: PLC control system; loading and discharging way: rear loading wastes bins mechanism; compacting way: Bi-directional compression; wastes compacting density≥0.8T/m³; one working circle time for loading and discharging ≤30s; max compressing force≥150KN; max passing force≥180KN.
Driver cab color: white color; wastes van color: white. 

CLW Brand garbage compactor trucks are also called rear loader garbage truck, wastes collecting vehicles, etc. This kind of garbage truck is a kind of special purpose vehicle, mainly used for collecting, transporting and discharging bagged wastes, barreled wastes, bulk household wastes in towns and cities, etc.The wastes is pressured and pushed into the wastes van by the truck mounted wastes propeller (also called negative pressure mechanism), so that making the wastes distributing into the tank evenly and higher density and till full.The collecting and transporting way of the garbage compactor truck adopts widely all over the world. The function of the entire special device adopts the truck engine as power, realizing by hydraulic mechanism manual or electronic control.The wastes van and the loader, which is also called wastes tan and sewer tank, adopting high quality carbon steel with full-sealed welding structure, with the advantages of high strength, light weight, non second pollution, etc.

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