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SINO TRUK HOWO 4*2 5m3 garbage compactor truck for sale
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SINO TRUK HOWO 4*2 5m3 garbage compactor truck for sale 

Rear load garbage truck, is also garbage compactor truck, garbage compacted truck, specially designed and produced for garbage collection,transport and garbage transfer with its high efficient, no pollution, and environment protection for road, street, community, school, factory, etc. With many years' development, we Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can design and manufacture 5cbm, 6cbm, 8cbm, 10cbm, 12cbm, 14cbm, 16cbm, 18cbm, etc. 

And the compactor system we can choose Vehicle box body, pushing shovel, slipping plate, scraper, filling hopper, sewage tank, hydraulic system and control system.
The hydraulic system: 
Pushing shovel, slipping plate, scraper, filling operation.
Control way of the garbage compactor truck manufactured by Chengli Special AUtomobile Co., Ltd. as below:

PLC control system; loading and discharging way: rear loading wastes bins mechanism; compacting way: Bi-directional compression; wastes compacting density≥0.8T/m³; one working circle time for loading and discharging ≤30s; max compressing force≥150KN; max passing force≥180KN.

Today, we will introduce SINO TRUK HOWO 5cbm Garbage compacted truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. 

customized SINO TRUK HOWO 5m3 garbage compactor truck for sale 
main technical parameters of SINO TRUK HOWO 4*2 compacted garbage truck as below
1 Product manufacturer CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. 
2 Chassis model ZZ
3 Engine model 4DW93-84 Xichai 4 cylinders, water-cooling in line diesel engine  
4 Engine power(KW/ml) 67KW/2540ml 
5 Emission standard EURO Ⅱ
6 Brake Air brake
7 Shift box WLY525 5 speed gearbox, manual 
8 oil consumption (100km) 10-11L
9 Max speed 90kw/h
10 Mini turn radius 18m
11 Max climbable gradient 25﹪
12 wheelbase 3360(mm)
13 Total mass (kg) 7360kgs 
14 Curb mass (kg) 5920kgs 
15 Rated mass (kg) 1245kgs 
16 Volume 4.5m3
17 Fuel type Diesel 
18 Tire specification 7.00R16*6
19 Basket lifting angle ≥45°
20 Charging and discharging way Overturning hopper or Flip bucket mechanism
21 Loading working cycle time(s) ≤30
22 Discharging working cycle  time(s) ≤30
23 Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 7095X2025X2425
24 maximum compression pressure ≥150KN,
25 Maximum shirk force ≥180KN
26 Compacted density 0.8tons/m3
27 Loading capacity 3-4tons 
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of garbage trucks, such as garbage compactor truck, refuse garbage truck, side loader garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, rear loader garbage truck, hook lifter garbage truck, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. And the hot sale line is +86 13886878855. 

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