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hot sale 5,000L milk tank
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Dongfeng LHD 5,000L milk truck
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of tank truck, such as milk tank, water tank, feed tank, fuel tank, sludge tank, bulk cement powder tank, chemical tank, liquid food tank, LPG tank, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng.

Today, we will introduce the hot sale dongfeng 5,000L milk tank truck as below.

Main parameters
Total mass 6495 Tank volume 5,000L
Rated mass 3000 Overall dimension 5995×2000×2400
Curb mass 3365 Cargo body dimension ××
Driver cab person 2,3 Max speed(km/h) 90
Approach/departure angle 19/10 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1032/1663
Axle nos. 2 wheelbase 3300
Axle load(kg) 2650/3845 Driver cab Dongfeng 1730mm wide B07 single row driver cab
Chassis main parameters
Chassis model EQ1060TJ20D3 Manufacturer Dongfeng
Overall dimension 5820×1940×2080 Tyre nos. 6
Approach/departure angle 19/15 Tyre specification 7.00-16,
Transmission 5 speed manual transmission Brake Air
Power steering Yes Air-conditioner Selective
Front bridge 2ton Rear bridge 3.5ton
Steel spring 8/9+5,6/8+4 Front tread(mm) 1506
Fuel type Diesel Rear tread 1466
Emission standard Euro 3
Engine main parameters
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement Power
Engine type 4 strokes in line, water cooling 95hp EGR diesel engine
Milk tank main parameters
1 Tank volume: 5,000L, and with one compartment; adopts high quality food grade stainless steel material. The outer layer is with insulation layer to avoid the fresh milk going bad. The inner tanker is polished by the special equipment, and making sure no milk hanging. The inner tanker is smooth, non sharp angle, etc. There is CIP (cleaning device) installed.
2 There are three layers of the milk semi-trailer, the inner tanker is manufactured by 3mm thick 304/2B food grade stainless steel; the middle is 100mm PU foam insulation layer, and 80mm PU foam of the manhole part, the temperature will be changed less than 1 degree within 24 hours; the exterior of the tanker is 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel mirror panel.
3 There is cleaning equipment inside the tank, cleaning rod (cleaning ball), cleaning pipe(with the diameter of 38mm), turntable cleaning sprayer, etc. Automatically cleaning when with water source.
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More pictures of dongfeng 5,000L milk truck as below.


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