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Hot sale dongfeng 5,000L water tank
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Hot sale dongfeng 5,000L water tank

More pictures of dongfeng water truck as below

Truck introduction Dongfneg furuika water tank, adopts dongfeng EQ1060Tj20D3 chassis, 3300mm
wheelbase, comfortable seating, wide view, flexible operation. This water truck
 is with multipurposes. Suitable for cleaning road, watering trees, green belts and lawns, etc.
dongfeng water tank is also with water sprinkling, dust suppression, high-low position sprying, pesticide spraying, guard-rail cleaning, water deliverying, fighting fires in emergency, etc.
Truck model Dongfeng furuika water truck Chassis model EQ1060TJ20D3
mass Rated mass 3350,3415 Overall dimension 5980×1980×2180
Mass Curb mass 2950 Cargo body dimension  
Total mass 6495 Wheelbase 3300
Engine Model CY4100 Manufacturer Chaochai
Power 95hp Displacement 3856ml
Emission standard Euro 3
Driver cab Flathead full metal sealed driver cab, single row,  Panoramic curved windshield
Tank Adopts high quality wugang 4mm thickness carbon steel; there are two sets of anti-wave sheets inside the tank.
Pumping system Chosen to install high quality special water pump, equipped with PTO, alumninum alloy ball valve. And the pipeline choose the high quality galvanized pipes, etc.
Front washing The width of the washing is up to 14m, used for washing and cleaning ground surface, water sprinkling,watering, dust suppression, etc.
Rear sprinkling  
Side spraying  
High spraying  
Filter device  
Other devices  
Seated person 2-3 Max speed 95 km/h Steel spring 8/9+5,6/8+4
Tyre spefication 7.00-16 Rear suspension 1032 Rear suspension 1488
Axle load(kg) 2600/3895 Front tread 1506 Rear tread 1466
Special function Tank volume 3-5cbm Tank dimension 3800×1620×1100
Rated speed 1450r/min Flow 60m³/h
Sucking height 7 m Sprinkling width ≥14m
medicameat tray(chosen) 20m Water cannon Column ≥30m,mist≥15m

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