Dongfeng truck mounted crane

dongfeng duolika truck mounted crane

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
+86 722-3817899
+86 138-8687-8855
Dongfeng duolika truck mounted crane, adopts dongfeng original chassis, Dongfeng Cummins common rail ISde140 30 ENGINE,single row turntable driver cab, 2.7ton front bridge/5.5ton rear bridge, 8.25R16 tyre, power steering, air-cut brake, 6 speed transmission, etc.
Dongfeng duolika truck mounted crane truck is chosen to install 3.5ton straight arm, 4ton crane arm, 4ton folded arm, etc. 

Max lift mass 4000kg Oil tanker volume 60L
Max lift force moment 8.0T.m Slewing angle 400
Suggest power 15kw Crane mass 1250kg
Hydraulic system max flow 25L/min Install room 850mm
Hydraulic system pressure 28MPa    
Remark: Chengliwei Brand SQ4ZA1 working radius is 5.8m, the manual boom can add to 7.5m, and the lift mass is 950kg. SQ4AA2 crane working radius is 7.5m, and the manual boom can add to 9.1m, the lift mass is 750kg.

Chengliwei brand SQ3.5SA2 crane

Crane model SQ3.5SA2 (3.5ton 3 sections boom)
Max lift mass(kg) 3500
Max lift force moment(n.m) 70000
Profile Hexagon slewing Slewing speed((r/min) 2.5
Sections 3(2 sections extended) Slewing range 360(°)
Length(m) 3.5-7.6 Outriggers Type Up-right supported outriggers
Max working radius(m) 7.6 Outrigger dimension(m) 1.85-3.1
Extended speed(m/s) 3/30 Hydraulic system Pressure (mpa) 17.5
Luffing range 0-73° Oil tanker volume (L) 40
Elevation-up speed 73/14°/s Safety device Stop alarm
Max lift height(m) 9.5 Curb mass(kg)  1050
The single rope   allowable load (N)N 8750 Suitable truck Above 1 ton load truck
Max single rope speed(m/min) 36 Remark: this is the rated parameters for the system flow of 1500L/min.
rope diameter(mm)mm 8
Rope length (m)m 55
Working radius(m) 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.6
Rated mass(kg) 3500 1880 1080 780 580 430
Dongfeng duolika mobile crane arm
 Total mass(kg)  11495  Curb mass(kg)  5330,5300,5440,5470
 Rated mass(kg)  5970,6000,5860,5830  Chassis model  EQ1110T9ADJ3AC
 Driver cab person  3  Max speed(km/h)  90
 Approach/departure angle (°)  22/12  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1180/2070
 Overall dimension(mm)  7050X2420X3150,3230 Cargo body dimension(mm)  4300,4200X2050X550
 Axles  2  Axle load(kg)  4050/7445,4040/7455,4100/7395,4115/7380
 Tyre  8.25-16,8.25R16,7.50-16,7.50R16  Tyre no.  6
 Front tread(mm)  1831,1750  Rear tread(mm)  1640,1586
 Wheelbase(mm)  3800  Springs  11/9+7,8/10+7
 Emission standard  GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro Ⅲ  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
 ISDe140 30
B140 33
Dongfeng Cummins
Dongfeng Cummins
Yunnei Power

features of truck mounted crane

1.       the chassis is purchased from some domestic famous companies, such as China Dongfeng Automobile Company, China Dongfeng Motor Limited Company, China Dongfeng Automobile Limited Liability Company, FAW Jiefang, Sino truk, Bei Qi Foton Motor, Hualing Heavy-duty Truck, North Benz, Shaanixi Automobile, Juanghuai Automobile and Jiangling Motors, etc.
2.       advanced hydraulic pump system is adopted to enable our truck mounted crane to have properties of energy saving, high lift speed and high working efficiency.
3.       it is designed with H-shaped outriggers with long span length. Each single outrigger can be adjusted.
4.       our truck mounted crane can be operated bidirectional. It can rotate continuously, and can complete a 360°in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The rotating speed and lift speed can be adjusted through manual accelerator.
5.       the truck mounted crane can be equipped with cranes whose weight could be 1ton, 2ton, 3.2ton, 5ton, 6.3ton, 8ton, 10ton, 12ton and 16ton. Its arms could be retractable type orr folding type type, and can be designed to be to two-section arms, three section arms, and four section arms.
6.       it has properties of high power, fast speed, strong climbing capacity, high lift height, high working efficiency, and easy operation.

Our truck mounted crane can be operated bidirectional. It can rotate continuously, and complete a 360°spin in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The rotating speed and lift speed can be adjusted through manual accelerator.
Hubei Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a primary truck mounted crane manufacturer in China. Founded in 2001, our company is dedicated to provide our comtomers with superior quality garage truck, dump truck, water truck, oil truck, sweeper truck, etc. at competitive price.

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