dongfeng 145 1000gallon fire truck

dongfeng 145 1000 gallon water fire truck

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车

Dongfeng 145 1000 gallon water fire truck adopts Dongfeng Original chassis, double row driver cab, national Cummins B170-B190 ERG engine; Dongfeng 6 speed  transmission, 9ton rear axle, 900-20 nylon tyre,

The fire tanker volume: 1000gallon, the driver cab all-metal frame welding structure. The tanker exposes, using high quality 4mm high technology anticorrosive treatment carton steel Q235A. The fire truck van door adopts aluminum alloy rolling door, roller cylinder, groove guide, opening and closing easily and small noise. The van two sides and rear slat pedal,  double firmed by gas springs and limit digital device door stop, safe and reliable. Besides the original equipments, the driver cab installed PTO controlled pilot light, 100W alarm annunciator, LED warming lamp, marker lamp, clearance lamp switch, tail lights, etc.

The special parts is made up of liquid tanker, pump room, equipment box, power take off, drivetrain system, pipe net system, electric system, etc. 

Special performance Water tanker volume 1000gallon water
Fire cannon Water range≥50m
Fire pump
(normal pressure pump, can choose mid-low pressure fire pump
model CB10/30 Water pump drive type Sandwich PTO
Draw water type Water ring Drawing time ≤35s(max 7m)
Rated 30L/min Rated pressure 1.0Mkpa
Inlet diameter Ф100mm Outlet diameter Ф80mm
Dongfeng 145 1000 gallon water fire truck
Total mass (kg) 11050 Rated mass (kg) 6600
Rated mass(kg) 4000 Chassis model EQ1110GLJ
Driver cab(person) 3+3 Axle load(kg) 4050/7000
Approach/departure angle (°) 25/16 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1205/2400
Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 8305X2500X3300 Cargo dimension(mm) XX
Axle 2 Max speed(km/h) 85
Tyre specification 9.00-20, Tyre nos. 6
Front tread(mm) 1900 Rear tread(mm) 1800
Wheelbase(mm) 4700,5000 Springs 8/10+7
Emission standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro 3 Fuel type Diesel
Engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement(ml) Engine power
ISBE185 30
ISDe160 30
ISDe180 30
B170 33
B190 33
Dongfeng Cummins engine
Dongfeng Cummins engine
Dongfeng Cummins engine
Dongfeng Cummins engine
DOngfeng Automobile
Dongfeng Automobile
Remark the water tanker volume:5.0cbm, dimension(L*W*H): 2125×1370×1380(mm), equipped with CB20.10/20.40 fire pump, PS30-50D fire cannon, TBD-XF-160 warming lamp.

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