JAC sewer and washer vehicle for sales

JAC 6cbm-8cbm sewer and high pressure jetting vehicle for sales

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
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JAC 4×2 sewer and high pressure jetting vehicle for sales, adopts JAC single row front-turntable luxurious driver cab with  sky window, 3815mm wheelbase, Chaochai CY4102-C3D Euro 3 diesel engine, power  steering with warm air, air brake, 8.25-15 tyre, etc.

Truck name JAC multipurpose sewer and jetting vehicle for sales
 Overall dimension(mm)  6860×2040×2800
Total mass(Kg)  8600
 volume 6cbm-8cbm
 Curb mass(Kg)  5405
Approach/departure angle  24/13
 Front/rear suspensionm)  1085/1960
 Max speed(km/h)  90
 Remark  Clean water tanker volume: 3cbm
Sewage tanker volume: 3cbm.
Chengli Spec
JAC 6cbm-8cbm sewer  and jetting vehicle for sales
Total mass(kg) 8600 Tanker volume 3.15+2.8
Rated mass(kg) 3000 Overall dimension(mm) 6860X2040X2800
Curb mass(kg) 5405 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1085/1960
Driver cab person 3 Wheelbase(mm) 3815
Approach/departure angle 24/13 Max speed(km/h) 90
Axle nos. 2 Axle load(kg) 3050/5550
The clean water tanker volume: 3.15cbm and the liquid sewage tanker volume is 2.8cbm.
Chassis main parameters
Chassis model HFC1091K2T Manufacturer JAC manufacturer
Approach/departure angle 24/13 Tyre 6 nos. *8.25-16
Steel springs 9/12 Front tread(mm) 1665
Fuel type Diesel Rear tread(mm) 1525
Emission standard Euro 3
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement(ml) Power(kw)




JAC sewer and cleaning vehicle is a kind of cleaning device for dredging sewers and cleaning road, etc. And also with the multipurpose functions of dredging sewer net line (high pressure cleaning) and sewage suction/fecal suction function), realizing one truck with multipurpose uses. Sewer and cleaning vehicle is mainly used for dredging sewer and cleaning walls of road, etc. At the same time, the vacuum high pressure jetting vehicle is installed with high pressure jetting nozzles, cleaning pavement markings, guidepost, bill boards of cities, etc.

JAC small sewer and cleaning vehicle for sales
High pressure pipe model KF-36(Italia imported ) Flow 130-170m3/h
Rated pressure 16-24Mpa Reelpipe speed 0-25m/min
Hose length 60m Reel pine power 1800N
Hose inner diameter 19mm Hole chuck angle 15°,25°
ipellent 160-240N Tanker volume 6-8m³

the max vacuum sucking distance≥6m, the vacuum degree≥500mmHg; the full filling time≤5min; rated Rotational Speed is 1400 r/min, lowest Rotational Speed is 800r/min; clockwise rotation.
And the main hydraulic components adopts Japan technical hydraulic cylinders, equipped with the best quality vacuum pump, large sucking power and long sucking distance, etc.

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