Dongfeng 12cbm hydraulic bulk feed delivery truck for sale

Poultry feed truck is main used for delivering, loading and discharging of feed pellets of different feed factories, large-type poultry farms, and also for transporting some non-corrosive feed pellets, such as pellets from pharmaceutical fa

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Poultry feed truck is main used for delivering, loading and discharging of feed pellets of different feed factories, large-type poultry farms, and also for transporting some non-corrosive feed pellets, such as pellets from pharmaceutical factory and turnover of grain depots, etc. the feed trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can transporting various feed pellet with the different compartments, the dream transporting vehicles for poultry farms and feed factories.

With the development of the lovestock husbandry, the bulk feed delivery trucks become more and more important. Some smaller feedstuff factory actually don't need large tonnage feed pellet trucks. For this, we Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. designs and produces new small bulk feed transported trucks for the small feeds factories, this is the dongfeng 5-6tons bulk feed truck. This model of feed pellet transportation truck is with the volume of 8cbm.

At present, there are 4-6tons bulk feed truck, 8tons poultry feed delivery truck, dongfeng tianjin 10-12tons bulk grain truck, 20tons bulk feed delivery truck, bulk feed container semitrailer, etc. And the volume of the bulk feed delivery truck is from 8cbm, 12cbm, 16cbm, 20cbm, 22cbm, 30cbm, 40cbm, 45cbm, 50cbm, 60cbm, etc. 

Main technical parameters
Product name Dongfeng brand LHD 4*2 hydraulic feed truck for sale(CLW5110ZSLE5)  
Overall dimension(L*W*H) (mm) 7100×2200×3400
Total mass(Kg) 11495
Max speed 90km/h
Transmission 6 speed transmission
Tyre nos. 6+1*8.25R20
Driver cab Dongfeng duolika D7 single row driver cab
Engine model CY4SK251
Engine emission standard Euro 5
Engine power 115KW/156hp diesel engine
Engine displacement(ml) 3856ml
Feed container part
Volume 12cbm
Feed container dimension(L*W*H) 4300*2380*1900(mm)
Loading capacity 5-7tons(According to the proportion( feed proportion is from 0.4tons/m3 to 0.55tons/m3)
Discharging way Hydraulic system discharging or electronic system discharging
Compartments 2 compartments with 2 different kinds feed
Average discharging speed(kg/min) 500-600 kg/min or 1m3/min
Full discharging time (minutes) 10-12mins
Rotation angle of auger when discharging ±180 degree for left side and right side
max elevation angle of auger when discharging 70 degree
Delivery distance Horizontal max range(m) 7.2
Vertical max range(m) 7.5
Residual rate No more than 0.10
the working principle of electronic system discharging bulk feed delivery truck as below

Transmission with PTO→transmission shaft→generator unit working→motors and electronic auger of the feed body work.
PTO on the transmission drives the transmission shaft; then the transmission shaft drive the generator unit working; the electric current supplied by the generator unit drive the motors and the electric auger working, then the feed body working. So, the generator unit will be installed on the transmission.,
Loading, there is a manhole on the top of the feed truck, driving the feed truck to the feed plant, then open the manhole. the feed will load into the feed tank container. 
And the discharging of the hydraulic system discharging bulk feed truck, open the hydraulic system, then the feeding auger will be rotating and feeding to the feed silo. 
Truck engine→gearbox→PTO→hydraulic pump→hydraulic motor→working 

The main advantages of CLW Brand farm-oriented and livestock feed delivery truck as below 

1, Compared to the traditional bag package delivery, using the bulk feed delivery truck saving manpower, reducing transporting cost, etc. However ask for the livestock and poultry farms with bulk feed storage tanks.

2, Discharging by auger, sealed delivering, reducing wastage, avoding pollution, assuring feed quality, continuous operation with high productiveness, etc.

3, Fully automatic hydraulic system, standard Hydraulic gear pump, easy operation and maintenance, etc.  

4, Low center of gravity, reliable loading and discharging, good appearance with high quality.

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