Isuzu 4*2 16m-18m telescopic aerial lifting bucket truck

And the working height of the high altitude operation truck is from 12m to 24m. And working cage can be made of steel structure or reinforced fiberglass, loaded200kg. And the operation plate are with Chinese and English words, easy for our

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
+86 722-3817899
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And the working height of the high altitude operation truck is from 12m to 24m. And working cage can be made of steel structure or reinforced fiberglass, loaded 200kg. And the operation plate are with Chinese and English words, easy for our foreign cutomers to operate.we can operated the truck on ground or at the cage, so flexible.Emergency stop swiched is at base and the operator's cage. 

CLW overhead working truck is ideal for maintenance of traffic lights, street lights, landscaping trees, cleaning/setting signboard and other high aerial works.
Every overhead working truck leaving our factory will be inspected by our technical person. We’re sure of the quality of the aerial working platform.

The aerial truck lift is a truck used to do lifting work in applications requiring work high above the ground, such as power system, advertisements, photography, telecom telecommunications, parks, transportation, ports, and more.

The aerial truck lift is designed with four hydro cylinders and manual accelerator.

Equipped with four H-shaped outriggers, our aerial truck lift can operate steadily.

It can complete a 360 soin.

Lifting hook is optional. Our aerial truck lift can lift up materials whose weight is in the range of 1 to 1.5t.

The cab is designed with two rows of seats. It can hold five or six persons in it.
Whole Truck Main Technical Parameter (CLW5070JGKQ4)
Product Name Isuzu 4*2 LHD 600P double row aerial lifting bucket truck (17m-18m) Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 6705(Kg)
Curb Weight (kg) 6380(Kg) Overall Dimension(mm) 8480×2050×3070(mm)
Working Height(m) 16m Cab Allowed Persons 2+3
Axle No. 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3815
Chassis Technical Parameter
Chassis Model QL1070A1KWY Chassis Name Truck Chassis
Chassis Brand ISUZU brand Manufacturer ISUZU  company
App./ Dep. Angle(º) 20/11(°) Tire Spec. 7.00-16*6 with 1 spare tire
Leaf Spring No. 8/6+5 Front/rear suspension (mm) 1015/2280(mm)
Fuel Type Diesel Front/rear tread(mm) 1504/1425(mm)
Drive Type 4x2 Driver cab ISUZU 600P double row luxurious driver cab 
Steering Type Power steering Gear Box ISUZU MSB 5 speed forward and 1 reverse, Manual
Brake oil brake with vacuum booster    Audio   USB interface radio
Max speed(km/h) 105km Front/rear axle  2ton/4.8ton
FUEL type   Diesel Air-conditioner Yes, original air conditioner
Engine Technical Parameter
Engine Model 4KH1-TCG40 Emission Standard Euro Ⅳ
Displacement  ( ml ) 2999 ml Power (KW) 88(120hp)
Cylinder No. 4 in line Engine Type 4 cylinders
Work platform parameter 1. carbon steel working bucket of the loading capacity of 200kgs
2, 4 sets of hydraulic outriggers with two-way hydraulic locks
3, lifting capacity of the lifting hook: 1,000kgs
4. Max working platform height is up to 18m
5. hydraulic control, up- down operation, 360° full rotation; hydraulic oil cylinders of working arms with two-way balancing valves
6, three sections folding working arms
7, the truck color upon request, free to paint company logo

High aerial work platform truck, which is also called aerial platform truck, bucket aerial truck, aerial operation truckhigh altitude working truck, overhead work truck, etc.
As a professional high lifting platform truck manufacturer in China, we have vertical platform truck, telescopic boom aerial truck, knuckle boom aerial work truck.

The folding boom aerial  truck is consisted of truck chassis, knuckle boom, hydraulic cylinders, power take off, motor, gear pump, operator seat, multi-way control valve, lifting hook, etc. It mainly used for streetlight maintenance, power maintenance, communication maintenance, planting by municipal corporation, power section, communication corporation, etc.


Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd as a professional special vehicle manufacturer in China, the telescopic aerial work bucket truck  is from 10 meter to 32 meter. The knuckle boom aerial truck is from 10m to 22m. It is mainly used for building construction,  street lamp maintain, plant pruning,etc.


CLW brand knuckle aerial working truck are with 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 28m, 20m, 22m working height. It is with telescopic boom,  large span, good reliability, can operate synchronously or separately, high safe, compact structure, convenient operate , fast lifting speed, high working efficiency. It is very flexible, can work in a tight building.  It equipped with wired remote, as well as operation panel in bucket. This telescopic aerial working truck is widely used for installation, maintenance and climbing in municipal administration, electric, streetlight, advertising, communication,photography, garden, shipbuilding, traffic, dock, airport , rescue, large industrial and mining enterprises.

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