Dongfeng 16m telescopic high altitude operation truck for sa

Aerial platform truck, whicle also called aerial working plaform truck, aerial working truck, aerial working operation truck, high altitude operation working truck, overhead working truck, aerial truck with basket, etc. As a professional ae

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
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Aerial platform truck, whicle also called aerial working plaform truck, aerial working truck, aerial working operation truck, high altitude operation working truck, overhead working truck, aerial truck with basket, etc. 

As a professional aerial working truck manufacturer in China, besides veritical aerial platform truck, we also have 360 degree rotate aerial working truck, which include knuckle boom aerial truck and telescopic boom aerial truck.

The hydraulic aerial work truck for sale is consisted of truck chassis, telescopic boom, hydraulic cylinders, power take off, motor, gear pump, operator seat, multi-way control valve, lifting hook, etc. It mainly used for street light maintenance, power maintenance, communication maintenance, planting by municipal corporation, power section, communication corporation, etc.


Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd as a professional aerial working platform truck supplier in China, the aerial platform truck working height is from 10 meter to 22 meter. It is mainly used for building construction,  street lamp maintain, plant pruning,etc.

Technical parameters of 4x2 telescopic aerial platform truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 
Items Descriptions Specifications and Types
General Truck Name Aerial Platform Truck
Drive Type 4*2 LHD 
Gross Weight (kg) 8275
Curb Weight (kg) 8080
Approx.Overall Dimensions (mm) 8300×2200×3210
Engine Engine Model  CY4102-C3E
Engine Brand  Chao Chai
Fuel Type Diesel
Power 90kw120HP   
Emission Standard Euro II
Displacement(ml) 3856
Engine Type 4 cylinders in line, inter cooler, supercharged diesel engine
Chassis  Chassis Brand Dongfeng
Cabin One and half row cabin
Tire No. 6+1
Tire Specification  7.50R16 Steel tire
Axle No. 2
Steering Wheel Left hand drive with power-assisted
Gear Box 5 speed forward with 1 reverse, manual  
Brake Air brake 
Max working height(m) 16 or 18m
Max loading capacity of bucket(kg) 200
Max lifting weight of hook(kg) 800
Rotation angle of boom(°) 360
Outrigger 4 nos H type outriggers
Boom type telescopic boom
Control Type Manual or electric

The technical advantages of CLW brand aerial platform vehicle manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below.
1. Aerial platform vehicles is also named high-altitude operation truck, refers to the special vehicles for aerial operation with the delivery of staff and the equipment to the scene.
2. We are professional factory, supply Dongfeng aerial vehicles, JMC aerial working vehicles, JAC aerial platform vehicles, Qingling high-altitude working truck, Foton aerial platform operating vehicles, etc., working height of 8-24 meters for choose.
3. Produced by the high-altitude operation vehicles, using double lift hydraulic cylinder, up and down a total of four hydraulic cylinders, the conventional aerial vehicles only two lifting cylinders, double lift hydraulic cylinder in the lift, rotation process does not tremble, do not shake, stability Sex, safety is better.
4. High-altitude operation vehicles using domestic or imported reversing valve and hydraulic cylinder, for the balance, flexible and convenient operation, outrigger and work arm interlocking, outrigger and work arm interlock to prevent misuse over.
5. Installed four hydraulic legs, to ensure vehicle stability and safety in operation.
6. Optional aerial crane hook, hook hanging 1 ton and the electronic control system.
7. Aerial platform vehicles can be up and down operation, 360-degree rotation, install the hand throttle.
8. If you have any special requirements for the aerial vehicles, please let us know, we can design for you.

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