Euro 5 FAW HU VN mobile digital LED billboard advertising tr

Euro 5 FAW HU VN mobile digital LED billboard advertising truck for sale, high quality customized FAW P8 outdoor mobile LED screen advertising truck for VIVO PHONE. FAW brand mobile LED advertising truck, adopts CA1047P40K50L1BE5A84 truck c

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Euro 5 FAW HU VN mobile digital LED billboard advertising truck for sale, high quality customized  FAW P8 outdoor mobile LED screen advertising truck for VIVO PHONE.

FAW brand mobile LED advertising truck, adopts CA1047P40K50L1BE5A84 truck chassis, 3300mm wheelbase, Euro 5 quanchai 4B2-95E50 95hp diesel engine, 5T32 5 speed gearbox, 7.00R16 tires*6+1, 70L plastic oil tank, ABS, air-cut brake, etc.

total mass: 4495kgs, curb mass: 4300kgs. Overall dimension of FAW brand mobile LED truck is 5995*2030*2980(mm),


VIVO MOBILEPHONE customized mobile LED truck, adopts P8 right side full-color LED screen, left side of light-box with  automotic switching pictures 

One side P8 LED screen: 3840*1792=6.88m2
One side P6 LED screen: 3840*1728=6.65
Sides(left + right): 6.88m2*2=13.76m2/6.65*2=13.3M2  
Rear side Screen area: 1280*1440=1.84
Stage: 10m2

The overall dimension(L*W*H) of FAW VN Mobile LED truck:5995X2030X2980mm,
1, the right side of the driver cab is with high quality P10/P8/P6 HD waterproof and shake-proof full color outdoor screen, choose to install the side screen is with hydraulic lifting stage(stage area: 10m2, lifting height: 1.5m) and 4 sets manual/hydraulic outriggers.
2, the left side of the driver cab is with word roller light-box with automatically switching format advertisings; and the exterior with tempered glass or left and right sides with P10/P8/P6 screens
3, the rear part screen is with single color word screen (screen area: 1280*1440=1.84m2)
4, truck mounted diesel generator adopts high quality OUMA 8KW/15KW diesel generator.
5, truck trim: 5cm thickness composited steel box body frame, FRP material body, wooden floor, 4 sets of waterproof Audio, one set amplifier, intelligent Mechatronics controlling system, Circulating ventilation cooling system, safety intelligent Automatic switching system for inside and outside of the network, high ability Mute generator set, Gigabit flow Media control system.
Remark: the computer is with English words, English operation system and Software playback system

Main technical parameters
Product name FAW brand VN MOBILE LED billboard truck for sale  
Total mass(Kg) 4495 Diesel generator OUMA 8KW/15KW diesel generator
Curb mass(Kg) 4350 Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 5995×2030×2980(mm)
Side screen area P8: 3840*1792=6.88m2/ P6: 3840*1728=6.65 Rear screen area 1280*1440=1.84m2
Seated person 2 Truck mounted computer Full ENGLISH word Computer
Approach/departure angle(°) 21/16(°) Front/rear suspension(mm) 1150/1545(mm)
Axle nos. 2 Wheelbase(mm) 3300
Axle load(Kg) 1950/2545 Max speed(Km/h) 99
Truck chassis
Truck chassis model CA1047P40K50L1BE5A84 Manufacturer FAW Automobile
Tire specification 7.50R16     Tire nos.  6+1
Approach/departure angle(°) 20/25 Front tread(mm) 1510
Steel spring 3/4+3,7/7+3 Rear tread(mm) 1475
Driver cab  2 Gearbox 5 speed gearbox
Driver cab FAW single row driver cab with air conditioner Axle 5tons rear axle
Brake Oil cut brake Fuel type Diesel
Emission standard Euro 5
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw)
4B2-95C50 QUANCHAI 2545 70KW/95.2

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Outdoor mobile LED advertising display truck, LED truck, digital advertising truck, LED screen truck, outdoor full color LED advertising truck, LED box truck, etc. With many years' experience in supplying, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could design and produce ISUZU led truck, Dongfeng Outdoor mobile LED advertising display truck, forland digital advertising truck, Karry billboard advertising LED display truck, Chang'an LED display truck, JAC mobile advertising truck, HOWO scrolling advertising truck, trailer-type mobile outdoor LED truck, etc.

Mobile LED advertising trucks is also named as mobile LED screen trucks, LED advertising vehicles, LED mobile advertising vehicles, LED media cars, LED propaganda vehicles, LED stage trucks, digital led screen display trucks, etc.
 Mobile LED advertising truck is widely used for outdoor commercial advertising, stage rental, traffic advertising, mobile truck advertising, sports stadium advertising, live shows, etc.
At present, clients can choose one side waterproof P4/P5/P6 full color LED screen. The other side advertising light box with subtitle; The rear side monochrome screen to display text; Optional1-side, 2-sides or 3 sides full-color led screens. Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to different surroundings.

The technical advantages of CLW brand mobile LED advertising truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below  
1. P6,P8 and P10 full color led screen for optional, meet all customer's requirement.
2. Side screen can be lifted 1.5m for stage performance,good visual effect
3. Double color scrolling marquee on the rear door.
4. Equipped with high quality play devices. perfect listening effect.
5. Super-silent generator,  save electricity, environmental protection
6. Luxury wood floor with plastic flooring

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